\u04101 + \u04102<\/h1>


Radio communication facilities on the ship are provided in accordance with the requirements of Global Maritime Distress & Safety System to ensure safety (GMDSS) for marine area \u04101+\u04102.<\/p>


VHF radio installation with(Digital Remote Indicator) receiver of channel 70 2 sets
IW\/SWDRI radio installation 1 set
N\u0410V\u0422\u0415\u0425 receiver 1 set
Inmarsat-C\/EGC ship earth station 1 set
Emergency radio buoy system COSPAS-SARSAT
with arrangement of automatic separation 1 set
Radar transponder (SART) 9GHz 1 set
VHF apparatus of bidirectional radiotelephone communication 2 sets
Storage battery 24V, 180\u0410hr 1 set
Module of power supply\/charging unit~220V \/ =24V 1 set<\/p>